Custom Portfolios

Building Custom Portfolios

You’re unique. And so is your financial fingerprint.

How you accumulated your wealth, where you want it to go; whether you’re primarily seeking to preserve your principal or aiming to add to what you have – all of these aspects of your life add up to a profile that is yours and yours alone.

That’s why our first task is to learn about you: what you want, what you need – and what keeps you awake at night. We’ll also help you conduct a “reality check,” and will let you know whether you should consider modifying your actions or moderating your goals in order to make your plan work.

Building Your Portfolio
We work with you to determine the strategies and investment types with which you’re comfortable and that will effectively address your requirements and constraints.

Only once we understand the appropriate balances, time frames, objectives and concerns do we begin to build your portfolio. As we begin that process we will employ the widest available array of suitable investment types. Because different types of investments respond differently to economic and financial events, by diversifying in this way, we are better able to construct a portfolio that can deliver consistent returns regardless of circumstances.

Building a Structure for Your Portfolio
The investments that compose your holdings are only part of the story. We’ll also explore with you whether one or more of your portfolios should “live” in a particular structure. Just a few examples …

·         Should you establish a trust? If so, what type of trust will best suit your needs?

·         Is your retirement program sufficient – or should you consider a plan to complement your existing program?

·         Do you have a particular charity you want to support? Have you considered how best to balance the tax consequences with ensuring that the recipient gets the maximum benefit from your gift?