Your Needs

Understanding Your Needs

We believe that before we can develop appropriate financial planning and wealth-management strategies for you and your family, we first need to understand your needs, concerns and aspirations.

Our first job is to understand your personal goals, the lifestyle you want to maintain, your current and upcoming responsibilities, your business plans, your charitable plans … your dreams.

We help you decide how you can plan a secure financial future while still addressing your other objectives – without assuming a level of risk that makes it difficult for you to sleep at night.

Our next task is to develop a portfolio that optimizes the funds you can invest while providing you with the income you need today or funds you may want tomorrow to accomplish such goals as

·         Restructuring or retiring from your business

·         Planning for your children’s or grandchildren’s education

·         Enhancing your lifestyle

·         Building a second home

·         Funding a charitable trust

Once your portfolio is established, your advisor will keep in close touch with you so that, as your goals and obligations change, so will your portfolio. We’ll also work with you to reallocate your investments to respond to changes in the markets, to maximize the likelihood that you will achieve all of the goals you have set and meet all of the obligations you have taken on.