Keeping Current

At Alpine, we know that creating a portfolio is just one aspect of an integrated wealth-management program.

Life Changes
Just as important as finding the right investments – and the right balance of investments – for you is working to ensure that those investments and that balance remain appropriate.

That means we will ask to meet or speak with you regularly to review your investment goals and financial situation as well as to determine what in your life may have changed. Perhaps you were recently married – or have a new grandchild. Maybe you are seriously considering retiring – or maybe you're contemplating starting a new business.

Whatever that change may be, it could have a substantial impact not only on the actual assets you invest in, but also on how long you hold them and whether they should be held in a trust or other structure.

Although a change may not seem particularly dramatic to you, it could still have consequences for your portfolio. We will help you assess whether your investments should be updated.

Investment Management
Even if your life is relatively stable, the financial world is always in flux. That’s where our investment and portfolio management teams step in.

We monitor your account for any change that would cause it to deviate from the investment goals you have defined. Based on the terms of your agreement with Alpine, we will work with you to bring it back in line.

Should we identify an opportunity that complements your current portfolio,  we will work with you to determine whether that opportunity is appropriate for you, given your specific circumstances.

Similarly, we are rigorous in our ongoing assessments of the markets, of the fund managers we have chosen and of the classes of assets we recommend. They regularly conduct sophisticated modeling and risk analysis, measuring the balance between yield and volatility and how best to diversify in a changing world.

We might find that we need to tweak one or more of our investment strategies, replace a particular investment or fund manager or add a new asset category.